We are creating a community to popularize the achievements of digital transformation and Industry 4.0.

Date and place of the Droniada competition: June 25 – 30, 2022, Muchowiec airport, ICAO code: EPKM, Katowice, GZM Metropolis, Poland

Since 2014, the Droniada has allowed you to showcase your competencies in Industry 4.0 technologies, with a focus on drones, data communications and information analysis systems. Here are the rules of the competition.

  1. The underlying technology is remote sensing in competitions related to leading sectors: smart agriculture (precision farming), environmental protection, construction and emergency management. In addition, we promote machine learning, internet of things and cloud computing.
  2. We prototype solutions that can be applied in the economy.
  3. We popularize robotics in agriculture, environmental protection, construction, and emergency management.
  4. We stimulate the digital economy by presenting drones as elements of complex Internet of Things (IoT) systems.
  5. We promote information fusion in combining satellite imagery with drone-derived data and other data sources
  6. We develop Industry 4.0 staff.
  7. We focus on mutual inspiration with ideas for technological solutions.

The competition is open to academic teams, open and individual participants who can combine knowledge from robotics, data communication, geoinformation, electronics and aviation. We check the competences of industry 4.0 staff in the conditions of sports competition, we learn about various ways to solve the problems posed and we evaluate the possibilities of unmanned systems in delivering real value to the end recipient.

This year’s competition is organized in the formula of a multidisciplinary sports competition. The Olympic Games bring together athletes who specialize in, for example, backstroke swimming, archery or cross-country running. Only a few compete in the modern pentathlon or the athletic decathlon. What unites them is the spirit of sporting struggle and national medal classification. With this in mind, after eight years of organizing drone triathlons, we decided it is time to change the formula.

We announce the recruitment of volunteers to participate in five competitions focused on practical demonstration of capabilities of autonomous systems, of which only one – the Unmanned Aircraft System Demo – will be mandatory for all. The general classification will include the results of the teams just like countries at the Olympics.

Participants will compete for honorary prizes, material prizes, paid internships, but also for cash prizes, which we will assign to individual competitions. In 2021, the prize pool amounted to 50 thousand zlotys, or about 11 thousand euros. The condition to receive financial prizes is to obtain at least 60% of points, i.e. 6/10 points in the „BSP System Demo” competition, 60/100 points in „Relay”, 30/50 points in „Tree of Life”, 21/35 points in „Intruder”, and respectively 33/55 points or 39/65 points in „Construction”.

Download the Regulations of the Droniada technology competition in pdf format

Download the Regulations of the Droniada technology competition in pdf format