26 September 2021

TR-1W 1 Watt ADS-B Transceiver for Droniada Challange

TR-1W belongs to the class of the smallest ADS-B transceivers on market and has been developed for
civil and commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The device operates on 1090MHz and allows to
receive and transmit ADS-B data with 1 Watt output power. The transceiver does not require external
devices to operate. It is equipped with a high quality multi-GNSS receiver and a pressure sensor. The
aluminium housing and ESD protection guarantee high resistance of the device to work in difficult
conditions. TR-1W opens the way to the implementation of the Detect and Avoid algorithms,
supporting the integration of UAS into the airspace.

More information in PDF: TR-1W

User Manual in PDF: OEM-Technical_Documentation_Datasheet_TIM_SC1