22 October 2021

Droniada 2019 – to the starting line!

For the sixth time now, we would like to invite you to take part in Droniada – a testing ground for unmanned systems and a competition for academic teams that involves the use of drones in special missions. This time, we are organizing the competition at the Silesian Aeroclub in Katowice (Muchowiec Aerodrome) between Thursday, June 6, and Saturday, June 8, 2019. 3, 2, 1, 0, LIFTOFF!

The 6th edition of Droniada will take place at the Silesian Aeroclub in Katowice. It will be preceded by a five-month cycle of preparation and joint efforts by the teams and the Organizing Committee to develop the technology solutions that will be used during the competition. We are putting special emphasis on mission safety, which means further refining the systems developed for Droniada 2018: the collision avoidance system, the IoT-based automatic landing system and the DTM system. In addition, we will be designing a new system to recognize car shapes and colors and a universal, standardized cargo module.

  • June 6, 2019 (Thursday) will be the technical day. Equipment checks and flight clearance checks will be conducted, and the teams will present the solutions they have prepared (which is the first part of the academic competition for which points will be awarded).
  • June 7 (Friday) will be dedicated to the search-and-rescue missions in the field: “Airlift” (standardized cargo) and “Follow That Car” (finding and tracking a car and transmitting its coordinates).
  • Drone companies will also be conducting their demonstrations for B2B and B2G clients near the “Odlot” restaurant, next to the Aeroclub’s main buildings; the demonstrations will be accompanied by U-space workshops for local government units, emergency response services and infrastructure companies.
  • June 8 (Saturday) will focus on demonstrating the dronoid to the general public (B2C). The “Pass a Brick” Drone Operator Championship will take place, and the final results of the Droniada competition will be announced.

Droniada goals

Droniada provides a technology testing ground where designers can showcase their solutions to users and prospective investors in real-world scenarios. Our goals for this year are to:

  1. present methods for recognizing the makes and colors of moving vehicles;
  2. test the concept of a universal, standardized cargo module;
  3. demonstrate the use of operational DTM and UTM systems in U-space to manage drone flights in support of crisis management and infrastructure inspection operations;
  4. stimulate the digital economy by showcasing drones as components of complex Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems; and
  5. provide a proving ground to test the capabilities of UAV-based systems that fulfill specific needs and may serve as a basis for innovative products or services in the fields of crisis management and geoinformation.

The competition is open to four-person academic teams which can successfully combine expertise in robotics, information and communications technology (ICT), geoinformation, electronics and aeronautics. The competition has been designed to test the current and potential ability of unmanned systems to deliver real value to end customers.


  1. As a prerequisite for participation in all events, each team must use an operational ADS-B transponder so that the teams can be tracked at all times for safety and scoring purposes. If any of a team’s drones ceases to be visible in ADS-B, the team will be notified accordingly by the judges and will terminate the flight immediately in accordance with a procedure to be defined in advance.
  2. We warrant that the copyright in each of the teams’ proprietary solutions will be protected.
  3. In the competition, points will be awarded for each partial solution, and the completion of a mission will not be dependent on the correct delivery of such individual solutions.
  4. Execution of preliminary tests in April and May 2019 will be a mandatory prerequisite for participation in Droniada.
  5. The teams will use their own airborne platforms equipped with software developed in accordance with competition guidelines.
  6. Radio equipment (ADS-B transponders) from different manufacturers can be used during the competition provided that they have passed tests for consistent operation with the DTM system supplied by Hawk-e.
  7. The collision avoidance system is based on the arrangements made in 2018: 5zywiolow.pl/avoiding-collisions
  8. The landing pads will be normal platforms of 2 × 2 meters with no radio equipment installed.
  9. Cars for the “Follow That Car” event will be provided by the Organizers.
  10. All activities will take place within the grounds of the Silesian Aeroclub in Katowice, Muchowiec Aerodrome.
  11. The “Follow That Car” mission will be executed simultaneously by three teams, although the Rules also allow flights performed by two teams or four teams at the same time.
  12. The amount of the prizes will depend on the funding obtained. In 2018, the prize money pool was PLN 25,000, and the winner (Lodz University of Technology) received a total of PLN 18,000.

Event descriptions and organizational assumptions are available at Rules of The Droniada 2019 Competition & Sławomir Kosieliński, main organizer of Droniada, kosiel@mikromakro.pl. The Droniada staff also helps you to participate in the competition: droniada.sztab@gmail.com