Results of the “Droniada” 2016 competition

Ten teams participating in the competition were tasked with locating a lost jumper, grandmother or grandson, as quickly and accurately as practicable. Few succeeded.

This competition organised by the Foundation Instytut Mikromakro for university teams was held on 18th June, 2016 on the premises of the Cracow Flying Club in Pobiednik Wielki. The participating teams were tasked with finding one of the three persons and an item belonging to that person. Eligibility for the competition and the assessment of task performance were set out in the “Regulations of the Droniada 2016 competition of the Robot Parade”.

A competition committee established by the organiser assessed the competition. Its presidium was made up of:IMG_7576

  • Błażej Sajduk, Ph.D., Tischner European University, chairman;
  • Sabina Hawryłko, Cracow Flying Club, deputy chair;
  • Witold Lewandowski, National Security Bureau, deputy chairman;
  • Adam Młot, Municipal Police in Cracow, deputy chairman;
  • Andrzej Gontarz, Fundacja Instytut Mikromakro, secretary.

The competition committee ascertained that the WSOSP-ALS team, representing the Polish Air Force Academy in Dęblin achieved the highest score (86 out of 100). Thus, the team came in first in the DRONIADA 2016 Competition. The competition committee decided to honour the WSOSP-ALS team with the Honorary Award of the Head of the National Security Bureau and a prize of PLN 10,000 offered by the Mayor of Cracow.


The team AERO TEAM ILK AGH from the Cracow University of Science and Technology came in second with 78 points. The third place went to the students’ avionics research group KOŁO NAUKOWE AWIONIKÓW from the Polish Air Force Academy in Dęblin (47 points). These teams received the Honorary Award of the Head of the National Security Bureau.IMG_7529

The team of the students’ avionics research group MelAvio from the Warsaw University of Technology won a special prize offered by the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection in Józefów and its drone centre, that is a monthly training in the application of drones in emergency management. The students’ robotics research group SKaNeR was awarded a special prize by the company ESRI Poland – training in teledetection from drones. And last, but not least, the third special prize founded by Kapsch Poland – training in UAVO including a state examination – was awarded to the University Flying Club of the Wrocław University of Technology. The remaining teams received souvenirs from the President of the Civil Aviation Authority.