For the fifth time, we would like to invite you to participate in “Droniada” – a competition for academic teams in missions with the use of drones and information analysis systems (7 – 9 June 2018, Thursday – Saturday, Aeroclub Krakowski, Pobiednik Wielki).

We will focus on two areas of importance for the drones industry and the sectoral program Żwirko i Wigura: Urban Space (U-space) and linear infrastructure inspection. “Droniada” is a technological training ground, where engineers can in practice present their solutions to users and entrepreneurs.

We are especially interested in:

  • secure and complete integration of unmanned platforms with U-space infrastructure elements (UTM, geofencing, terrestrial infrastructure) imposed by the organizers;
  • autonomous implementation of the task in each competition;
  • proper implementation of the rules of U-Space sharing, ie compliance with the pre-competition by all teams, rules of mutual anti-collision movement of BSP platforms co-operating in a common restricted space.

The main prize will be awarded to the team that will receive the most points from each competition, our drones triathlon:

Demo of the BSP system: presentation of the complete system prepared for the competition: rating above 10 points. This is the qualification for the next competition. The maximum score is 50 points. June 7, 2018, Thursday from 9 to 14

Urgent delivery in U-space: to earn 100 points for delivering an urgent shipment from the starting point to the destination point. An accident or breakdown is a penalty. In the mission stage before delivery -90 points, in the mission stage after delivering the package -25 points. Disqualification for violation of “No Fly Zone” or for collision with another U-Space user. June 8, 2018, Friday from 9 to 12.

Inspection of linear infrastructure: 100 points will be earned by a team that unmistakably detects the change in the location of linear infrastructure elements. The mission is to be implemented in the area of the technological corridor. Violation of borders will result in disqualification. June 8, 2018, Friday from the 16th to the 20th.

The event will culminate in a Drones Olympics – citius, altius, fortius in the form of open competitions for all drone company’s and unmanned users on Saturday, June 9th.

Because of the need to jointly develop the rules of moving in one airspace, persons who are interested in participation please contact us by mid-November. We are inclined to provide teams with a specially prepared ADS-B transponder, as long as the teams cooperate with us to create a collision mechanism and prepare the appropriate, simple software.